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Darcy Dill
Pastor Darcy Dill
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Wow! It’s happening all around us. Check out the West Ohio Conference Center under the Mission Church - Churches – United Methodist churches are being revived:
• From Forest Chapel United Methodist Church (Ohio River Valley District) led by MCCI Pastor Kabamba Kiboko: Because of breakthrough prayer, the spirit of negativity has disappeared!
• From Trinity United Methodist Church (Shawnee Valley District) led by MCCI Pastor Kurt King: Matthew 7:24 started our prayer initiative, and we have seen breakthroughs. The Holy Spirit has stirred up the congregation and the spiritual climate has increased. Answered prayers have become commonplace.
• Pastor Lou Seipel at Broad Street United Methodist Church (Capitol Area North District): I think the Breakthrough Prayer Initiative lit a fire under us, refocused our attention, and certainly reminded us of the power of the Spirit to do more than we ask or think.
• From Verona United Methodist Church (Miami Valley District) led by Pastor Rick Guthiel: Verona UMC has been intentionally praying for their children's ministry and has experienced a big increase in children coming to worship.
Pray! I’m on a mission and I can’t help myself. We need God. We need the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. We need to follow the way of Jesus. So, we need to be about prayer.
This church has a history of prayer and answered prayer. I consider myself among one of the recipients. John Wesley said: “God does nothing except in response to believing prayer.” There’s a caveat – a condition – and that is that we believe. That we believe God dwells within us. The Holy Spirit will guide and will lead us, if we have faith enough to believe and pray.

There are miracles happening all over the world. God is on the move! Look around, beyond the bad news and political muck; God is doing wonderful things!

I’m not sure what has happened in our faith - our religion, but we seem to be stuck in negativity. It's rampant in society, but as Christians we know we are supposed to believe and follow Jesus. Remember the idea, we are not staying around; we are just passing through. God has a plan and we, as believing Christians, are included in that plan.

As a church, we need to get busy. Apathy, discouragement, negativity – all have plagued us over the years. It’s that “you cannot follow two master” thing. As long as we stay in the negative, we are ignoring God’s will and our destiny.

Prayer is the only answer. And we need to get busy. Summer is coming and VBS and a chance to truly get busy being the hands and feet of Christ.

Come On! – Just do it!
God is good – all the times!
Pastor Darcy

Darcy Dill


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