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Last Updated: Thu 04/27/2017 6:00 AM
1. From brothel madam to Methodist mission founder 4/26/17 more go
2. Spectators pray, sing at Judicial Council 4/25/17 more go
3. Court hears arguments over gay bishop 4/25/17 more go
4. Bishops set date for special 2019 General Conference 4/25/17 more go
5. Migration as a mission challenge, blessing 4/24/17 more go
6. Grants for disaster recovery, health needs 4/24/17 more go
7. Arkansas executes two more men 4/21/17 more go
8. Church braces for ruling on gay bishop 4/20/17 more go
9. Preview to the legal debate around gay bishop 4/19/17 more go
10. Faith groups bring hope, new life to refugees 4/18/17 more go
11. Norwegian United Methodist pastor leads Lutheran church 4/18/17 more go
12. Nigerian seminary educates pastors’ wives 4/13/17 more go
13. Hundreds benefit from medical outreach 4/12/17 more go
14. Africa University farm feeds multitudes 4/11/17 more go
15. Way Forward group ponders structural changes 4/10/17 more go
16. Recalling violence against Filipino farmers 4/7/17 more go
17. United Methodists in Nigeria focus on future 4/6/17 more go
18. Bishop Fernandes, brave leader, dies at 78 4/6/17 more go
19. Civil rights tour ‘impactful’ for Hispanic youth 4/6/17 more go
20. New film on Reinhold Niebuhr speaks to today 4/4/17 more go
21. Sierra Leone bishop: Overseas support at risk 4/4/17 more go
22. Opposing death penalty in the Philippines 4/3/17 more go
23. Commentary: Who ‘counts’ in ministry any more? REDIRECT 3/31/17 more go
24. Pastor does the cooking for Taco Service 3/30/17 more go
25. United Methodists create new conference in Nigeria 3/29/17 more go
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