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Last Updated: Thu 07/20/2017 6:00 AM
1. Way Forward gets input on church future 7/19/17 more go
2. Yellowstone Conference facing financial crisis 7/17/17 more go
3. Roots of Faith in Korea: A United Methodist Bishop’s Journey 7/14/17 more go
4. Albanian church holds national convention 7/13/17 more go
5. Assisting those fleeing siege in Philippines 7/13/17 more go
6. Duke Divinity School striving for diversity 7/13/17 more go
7. Profiles of student diversity at Duke 7/13/17 more go
8. Becoming fishers of young men 7/12/17 more go
9. Inmates learn to grow food 7/12/17 more go
10. Filipino deaconess: ‘Resistance is a gift’ 7/11/17 more go
11. Clergy stand up to Charlottesville KKK rally 7/11/17 more go
12. Making discipleship a ‘contact sport’ 7/10/17 more go
13. Reformation exhibition includes United Methodists 7/10/17 more go
14. Ham radio classes help prepare for disaster in the Philippines 7/10/17 more go
15. Judicial Council rejects reconsideration of gay bishop ruling 7/7/17 more go
16. Gay clergywoman’s case heads to top court 7/7/17 more go
17. Claremont, Willamette explore partnership 7/6/17 more go
18. Church in Nigeria leads in rural health care 7/5/17 more go
19. Hardin led 3 United Methodist-related colleges 7/5/17 more go
20. Responding to global climate issues 7/5/17 more go
21. Commentary: Desert encroachment in Nigeria 7/5/17 more go
22. Second Nigerian episcopal area crucial 6/29/17 more go
23. Teen leads revival for racial reconciliation 6/29/17 more go
24. ?See All the People’ pushes discipleship 6/27/17 more go
25. Still in ‘Deep Denial’ on race 6/26/17 more go
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