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Last Updated: Tue 08/22/2017 6:00 AM
1. Death toll more than 200 in Congo landslide 8/21/17 more go
2. Board raises bishops’ pay, starts budget work 8/21/17 more go
3. Native Americans share stories, songs at conference 8/21/17 more go
4. Church leaders visit Sierra Leone disaster area 8/17/17 more go
5. Hundreds dead, missing in Sierra Leone mudslides, flooding 8/16/17 more go
6. Guam church prays for restraint on nuclear threat 8/15/17 more go
7. At Sunday worship, pastors decry racism 8/14/17 more go
8. Prophetic speaking a given at MARCHA 8/14/17 more go
9. Church shelters protesters amid deadly turmoil 8/13/17 more go
10. Louisiana needs flood-recovery volunteers 8/10/17 more go
11. Commission’s closed meetings find support, criticism 8/10/17 more go
12. Native American Family Camp returns 8/9/17 more go
13. Sierra Leone hospital brings needed relief 8/9/17 more go
14. Bishop grapples with great needs and growth 8/4/17 more go
15. Deaf ministry moves toward empowerment 8/3/17 more go
16. Filipinos to come home for a mission 8/3/17 more go
17. Rallying against Texas ‘bathroom bill’ 8/2/17 more go
18. ‘Agriculture is life’ for Liberian United Methodists 8/1/17 more go
19. Conferences take on immigration, sexuality 7/31/17 more go
20. Protesting a ‘culture of silence’ in Sierra Leone 7/31/17 more go
21. Liberian bishop seeks to go ‘back to the soil’ 7/31/17 more go
22. Science Mike brings religion, science together 7/27/17 more go
23. United Methodists decry Mindanao martial law 7/27/17 more go
24. United Methodists embrace TED Talks 7/26/17 more go
25. Bikes boost church growth in Sierra Leone 7/26/17 more go
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