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Last Updated: Mon 05/29/2017 6:00 PM
1. Church leaders look at possible U.S. structure 5/25/17 more go
2. Plan approved for agency evaluation 5/24/17 more go
3. Manchester attack: ‘Turn from evil and do good’ 5/23/17 more go
4. Commentary: What’s next for Standing Rock? 5/22/17 more go
5. Church response to migration gets boost 5/22/17 more go
6. University gets grant to move College of Health Sciences 5/19/17 more go
7. Boards reaffirm stand for LGBTQ clergy candidates 5/19/17 more go
8. Church leaders connect with Norway’s big day 5/18/17 more go
9. ‘Methodist middle’ committed to living together 5/17/17 more go
10. United Methodist Radio Network takes shape 5/17/17 more go
11. Little church looms large in black history 5/15/17 more go
12. Bringing back peace in Congo 5/12/17 more go
13. Ruling on a gay bishop could be far-reaching 5/10/17 more go
14. Commentary: Lawyer on meaning of bishop ruling - REDIRECT 5/9/17 more go
15. United Methodists share story of daughter’s murder 5/8/17 more go
16. Bishops back special Sunday for migration crisis 5/4/17 more go
17. Keeping focused on Four Areas of Focus 5/3/17 more go
18. Commentary: Attorney on confusion over Oliveto’s status-REDIRECT 5/3/17 more go
19. Church in Zimbabwe donates food for female prisoners 5/3/17 more go
20. Bishop Ough: ‘The entire church is rightly watching’ 5/1/17 more go
21. Evangelical group plans for what’s next 5/1/17 more go
22. Reactions vary to ruling on clergy qualifications 5/1/17 more go
23. Church emphasizes literacy training 4/30/17 more go
24. Ruling greeted with confusion, hope 4/29/17 more go
25. Review all clergy qualifications, court says 4/28/17 more go
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